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Our Veterans Love Us, Because We Love our Veterans
Medical Equipment and Supplies of America was born in August 2011.  We provide oxygen, medical equipment and supplies to VA hospitals, VA home patients, nursing facilities, and rehabilitation centers.  Our phones are answered by MESA employees, not by answering machines giving you hundreds of dead-end options.  We value your business and never want to lose that personal touch.  We operate with honesty and integrity and stand at the ready to serve you.  Our past performance reviews are direct reflections of our commitment to customer service.
Like you, our footprints can be found across the globe including the sands of Iraq, mountains in Afghanistan, Streets of Somalia, and oceans of the world.  We have served our country proudly and continue our support by serving those who have served us. 
MESA's business is driven by our compassion for patient care, top notch customer service, attention to detail, and competitive pricing.  Our commitment to excellence is beyond reprieve and acknowledged by those we serve. Simply put, our intent is to save the Veterans Administration money without sacrificing service, quality of equipment, or patient care.  
Opportunities are everywhere.  It's those who are inspired by challenges that can truly make a difference.  We are inspired.